Because of its proximity to Tana and the good accessibility near the Route National to Toamasina (Tamatave), Andasibe National Park is the most visited in Madagascar. It is home to the famous Indris, the Eastern lesser bamboo lemur and other lemurs like the diadem sifakas that got translocated from nearby Mantadia National Park as well […]


The forest of Mitsinjo is part of the Andasibe area a 4 to 5-hours-drive east of Tana. Besides the eponymous Andasibe National Park and Mitsinjo forest, there are several other protected areas such as VOIMMA, a small community-based park, Mantadia National Park, Torotorofotsy Reserve, Maromizahe Reserve and Vohimana Reserve, all trying to protect chunks of […]

Simien mountains – Die Simien-Berge

The Simien mountains (Semen = Amharic for north) in northwest Ethiopia, north of Gondar, is the highest part of the country, including peaks of 4.000 m or more in altitude as well as the highest mountain, Ras Dejen, with 4.533 m. That makes the Simien mountains the “Roof of Africa”. One landmark of the mountains […]