In 2012, we toured Uganda for the first time, Winston Churchills so-called „Pearl of Africa“. For me personally, this has been my first travel in Africa, and we only picked Uganda because of Joseph Kony, the LRA (Lord´s Resistance Army) and those complete morons from “Invisible Children”. That campaign was well-meaning and aimed at capturing […]

Mouila – A quiet place – Ein ruhiger Ort

Mouila is indeed a quiet place – not to say sleepy. It is the capital of the Ngounié region, named after the river which is the most important tributary of the Oogué. 30.000 inhabitants are living in Mouila that is linked to Lambaréné and Libreville in the north as well as Ndendé in the south […]

Gabon / Gabun – Un voyage ardu

During our travels in eastern Africa in the past years, we have come close to the DR Congo quite a few times – as well as the rainforest of the Congo basin, the second largest rainforest just after the one at the Amazon basin. 2017, we´ve finally visited it´s easternmost extension in form of the […]